BiVio Jewels by LunAr
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BiVio Jewels: all the passion for the “made in Italy”.

Distinction, originality, availability and quality seal the success of Lunar Jewels Factory in the panorama of silver and gold jewelry.
These pivotal points are supported by a strong managerial dynamism and inexhaustible creativity in the production of articles that today are synonyms of excellence in the art and culture of jewelry and fashion. They have also determined the fast development of the firm, which, in a little more than 5 years, has become a well-known and successful brand in the wide field of jewelry on the Italian and international market.
The BiVio creations are the result of the perfect fusion of handicraft techniques performed carefully by a team of young and skilful craftsmen; and every jewel they create contains the secret of exceptionality.
The BiVio collections never cease to amaze: they enchant for their beauty, uniqueness and class and they manage to join the research for quality to a luxury lifestyle.
This Neapolitan firm makes the jewel its focal point by means of a right combination of easy creations functional to beauty and easy creation of contemporary jewelry, expression of a renewing elegance in accordance with the tendencies and the glamorous novelties of fashion.
The philosophy of the brand is right this: to face with creativity the challenge to offer style, innovation and quality at affordable prices, making precious items, unique for details, stones and design available.
A careful choice of material and an accurate production control guarantee exclusive and certified products.
This wide variety of interesting proposals is shared with Benedetta Valanzano, the versatile actress well-known for her theatrical performances and TV appearances, today image of the new BiVio Jewels Collections by Lunar.

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